Flight Information


     * We do two flights per day, only for sunrise and sunset in Siem Reap

     * Take off time:  

                              06:10 am - 06:40 am (adjusting with the time of sunrise)

                              17:00 pm - 17:30 pm (adjusting with the time of sunset)

     * Average flight duration is 30 minutes or so, and is subject to the actual noticed time

    in different weather.

     * Service include:    

                                 Free Pick up / Drop off (Hotel)

                                 English/Chinese speaking guide

                                 Cold Drinking Water and Towel 

     * Flight Season: December to March  

     * Note: As safety comes first, the flight will be cancelled if the weather, such as rainy,

     windy and greasy days, is not suitable for flight. In this case you can refund the flight

    fees or change to another flight without any charge. 



The Experiences

"Feels like sailing in the sky with such a beautiful view !" - one of our customer from Australia

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